Reaching Out and Understanding

We in the Daughters of Sarah form an ecumenical women’s group that reaches out to every woman. Today’s women mainly desire to be heard, and we are here to provide the opportunity. We are here to listen.

The group was born over 20 years ago when the director of RMM asked, “Where are all the rural women?” Ms. Ruth Faircloth, the founder and leader of Daughters of Sarah, started thinking. So many rural women are living in hotels, or out on farms. They are isolated from each other. When one of these women has a problem, like issues of domestic violence, or a child with special needs, who can she go to talk to about that? She can’t just go walk out of her door and find it. She has to search for it.

So Ms. Faircloth set out to form a group of women who could talk and support each other around all of these issues, but who would not have to be labeled for it. We called ourselves the Daughters of Sarah because a lot of us were Christian. Sarah from the Bible fit most of our lives. She resonated with us because her husband came to her and said, “We have to go, but I don’t know where we are going exactly, but we have to leave,” and then they left into the unknown. Rural women go through that all the time. For example, a woman is in Florida, and then she just has to get on a bus and go towards New York with a few belongings and her hope. Women who are like Sarah are strong, they are confident, they can keep themselves and their families together even with all of these unknowns. Like Sarah, we end up in places where we can’t truly be ourselves, we have to keep secrets, we are lonely, and we lose our friendships because we are always traveling.

Daughters of Sarah is not always a permanent place. It’s like an underground railroad. You may talk one time and find that you don’t need to do so again. One visit can open people’s lives up. Others come for years. It’s ok. Whatever you want from this community, we are here. Whatever is said in the room does not go out. There is a lot of listening. A lot of growth comes from telling a tale and sharing what you need to share.

We are here to strengthen women and help to make changes in their lives.

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